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Caution: X-Waves eye-wear have not yet been registered with the FDA as is required for all medical devices before sale in the US. This website is intended to raise interest in the product. As of right now there is no evidence that the eye-wear can treat or change the progression of any disorder. It is believed, and early testing has shown that the eye-wear can relieve symptoms by controlling the intensity of light reaching each eye.


Before using X-Waves eye-wear for symptom relief consult your optometrist neurologist or other appropriate health care professional. X-Waves may not be the best option for you. There are many causes and treatments for light sensitivity and double vision  and in some cases these symptoms may be indicators of a life threatening disorder.

A version of X-Waves eye-wear, X-Waves Over The Counter (OTC) will be widely available be compatible with ANSI Z80.3 standard for sunglasses and as such will be considered safe for daytime driving.

X-Waves Prescription (P) eye-wear will be equipped with lenses that can be set to block so much light that people should not use them while driving, operating heavy machinery or engaged in other hazardous activities. 

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