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What are X-Waves ??

X-Waves are new form of eye-wear that allow users to manually adjust each lens in order to vary the mount of light let through to each eye.  


X-Waves combine A Unique Lens/Filter System

with a One of a kind Light-block eye cup.

X-Waves are similar in function to an eye patch, but are more adjustable and provide a more approachable everyday design . 


Adjustable, Letting Less than 0.01% to 34% of Light Through!

What are X-Waves?

It is estimated that 10-20% of the US population experience painful Photophobia symptoms.

X-Waves versatility make them useful for many applications. First among them are relief from pain associated with:

Extreme Light Sensitivity/ Photophobia  

Everyday Eye Strain

X-Waves can also be used to treat

Binocular Double Vision/ Diplopia

when prisims or surgery are not an option.

Who can X-Waves Help?

Who Can X-Waves Help ?

X-Waves can improve the daily lives of Anyone that

could benefit from being able to Fully Control the Amount of Light getting to Each Eye.

Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)

Light Sensitivity ( Photophobia) 

 Photophobia refers to extreme sensitivity to light in one or both eyes.

Light Sensitivity can be caused by:


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) / Concussion

Optic Nerve damage possibly caused by Multiple Sclerosis

Eye infections, Inflammation or Damage

Brain Tumors


How can X-Waves help?


      X-Waves allows users to  control the amount of light let through to each eye. 

Each eyes’ cross polarizing filter set, can be set to block out up to 99.99% of light, allowing users to find a light level that is comfortable for each eye.

The Eye-cups with integrated nose pad, seal against the eye socket blocking out light that may have made it to the eye, without passing through the lenses, while still allowing the eye sufficient air flow.

The Temple arms wrap around the head to hold the eye-wear in place without causing discomfort. 

Double vision ( Diplopia)

Double Vision (Diplopia)

With Double Vision or diplopia, the muscles or nerves in one or both eyes are not fully functional, resulting in the person seeing the Same image from both eyes at the same time.

Double Vision can be caused by:

Resting eye position misalignment 

Lazy Eye or Amblyopia


Myasthenia Gravis 

Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer

Black Eye

Multiple Sclerosis 


How can X-Waves help?

X-Waves works to combat Double Vision by allowing users to block out the light from either eye, thus eliminating one of the two images. 


In Regards to Diplopia:

When the eye misalignment is consistent, prisms to redirect the light, and/ or surgery to correct the resting eye position are often used, but in cases like Myasthenia Gravis and Brain Trauma these  may not be options and X-Waves may be more effective.

Unlike traditional eye patches X-Waves can be manually adjusted to vary the amount let through each side. The light level for the unblocked eye can be controlled to minimize eye strain and switching blocked eyes can be done in less than one second just swipe the tab.

AJ's Exeperience 

Everyday Eye Strain

Everyday Eye Strain 

X-Waves are Multi-functional and also have many everyday uses including Extensive Computer Work.

X-Waves allow users to adjust the intensity of the incoming light from any screen to a more comfortable level.  

The Side shields on the Eyepiece 

Block out Bright Periphery Lights, such as sunlight coming through a window or harsh office lights.​


Due to the polarizers in the X-Waves eyewear and the use of polarization in different monitors, not all will be compatible. 

About the Unique Lens

Patent Pending Cross Polarizing Lens

  What makes X-Waves truly unique is the patent pending cross polarizing filter system.

  Three overlapping linear polarizing filters use cross polarization to allow users to control the amount of light let through.


  Users are able to move the control tab on top of the lens to manually adjust the amount of light let through. 

Adjustable, Letting less than 0.01% to 34% of Light Through!

Screenshot (22).png
data 5.png
fully open
data 2.png
fully closed

As Tested in the X-Waves

Lab using Professional


data 6.png
data 4.png

Comparing One, Two and Three filters 

Cross Polorization Explained

What does Cross Polarizing Mean?

X-Waves have three filters/lens per eye. Each filter has an non-visible axis of polarization. When the polarization axises are parallel to each other a larger fraction of light is let through. Ideally one-half of randomly polarized light would  flow through the all three filters. (The axis are represented by blue lines in the diagram below)

 When the axis of polarization of the center filter is rotated 90 degrees, it's axis of polarization crosses with the front and back filters and light flow is reduced to almost nothing. The lenses will become visibly dark. By Allowing users to adjust the angle of axis of the center filter  X-Waves users can adjust the amount of light let through the lens.

xwaves dd polarization.png

In the image above we can see multiple polarized squares overlapping with each at various angles resulting in varying amounts of light being blocked out.

cross polerizing figure x diagra 2.png

 Cross Polarization  

Lightblocking Eyecap

Lightblocking Eyecup

  X-Waves, patent pending, Eye Cups are designed to give users an extra level of protection from peripheral light and glare

  The Eye-cups are 3D Printed using a rubber like material, called TangoBlackPlus,  which is extremely effective at blocking out light while remaining comfortable and sleek.

User Reviews

User Reviews 

"I am a convert.... Started to have visual symptoms that usually indicate a migraine is coming. I immediately put on my X-Waves glasses adjusted the light levels in each eye and with in 10 minutes the painful visual prisms stooped and no migraine developed." - Leslie Lukesh  

"I used to be really self-conscious about my double vision...  X-Waves  allowed me to switch from (blocking) one eye to (blocking) another which reduced muscle strain. It empowered me to be in control of which eyes were blocked through the day and adjust the light as needed. 

It’s more comfortable than an eye patch. 

It allows for a sense of normalcy.

I feel more comfortable in public and at work wearing X-Waves than an eye patch...I have better control of my symptoms." AJ


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